The Rules:

Must be a resident of Winneshiek County. No professionals (Exception-If you are a professional welder you may enter the other two classes). No restorations. Names should not be visible during judging After judging the public may view and take pictures, if desired There is no entry deadline. So you can bring your creation and entry any time before July 11, 2017 at 1pm.

2017 AcenTek Hobby/Show Contest

If you’ve built a corn planter in a farm shop or a birdhouse in a basement, this contest is for you.


1. Wood

2. Steel

3. Electronics

Classes are to be judged and scored as follows: 25 points - Originality, 25 points - Degree of difficulty, 50 points - Workmanship PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD - Anyone attending may vote on their entry overall without regard to the scorecard used by the judges.



All entries must include written or typed information telling the judges what you actually made yourself, if you made an improvement to an existing item and what was purchased as a kit or factory built parts. If necessary you may include an explanation of what your entry is and directions for its use.

Small cash prizes awarded to winners

Contest to be held at Winneshiek County Fair on Tuesday, July 11, 2017 at 1:00 PM in the Variety Tent. Entries too large to display under the tent will be placed outside.All entries are to be removed 30 minutes after contest is complete

2017 AcenTek Communications Hobby/Show Creations
Thumbnail Image 1

Brian Jervis, judge from AcenTek; Ashley Schwartzhoff, 2016 Fair Princess; Hanna Schmitt, 2016 Fair Queen; John Jore, judge from AcenTek

Kendric Langrick

1st place steel: erector set crane

Cade Averhoff

Cade Averhoff

2nd place steel: horse shoe cowboy

Thumbnail Image 1

Leonard Schutte

1st place wood: train station wood carving

Jean Schutte

2nd place wood: owl and mouse carving


Justin Fortman

3rd place tie wood: log cabin


Cade Averhoff

3rd place tie wood: memory box

Photo Not Available

Logan Fortman

5th place wood: train engine

2016 AcenTek Communications Hobby/Show Creations

Thumbnail Image 1

First Place Wood

Chickadee carving by Jean Schutte


Thumbnail Image 1

Second Place Wood

Maple cedar chest by Kelly Langrek


Thumbnail Image 1

Third Place Wood

Carved ornament
by Leonard Schutte

Thumbnail Image 1

Fourth Place Wood

Window box table by Anna Langrek

Thumbnail Image 1

First Place Metal

Mechanics recycled coat hanger
by Kolin Schnulle

Thumbnail Image 1

Second Place Metal

Dice by Kolin Schnulle

Thumbnail Image 1

Third Place Metal

Tin can flower by Emily Kray

Thumbnail Image 1

Fourth Place Metal

Ice cream parlor chair
by Kayden Schnulle

2015 AcenTek Communications Hobby/Shop Creations


Steel 1st Place

Cream Separator Stand
by Kaden Schnuelle


Steel 2nd Place

Glass Top Table
by Kollin Schnuelle


Steel 3rd Place

Neighborhood Wagon
by Randy McClintock

Tool and Cross

Wood 1st & 2nd

1st-- Chipped Carved Cross by Jean Schutte

2nd-- Wrench & Screwdriver by Leonard Schutte


3rd Place Wood

Wallmount Basket
by Lexi Averhoff

Thumbnail Image 1

4th & 5th Place (Tied) Wood

Framed picture by Jay Beard Rocking Horse by Russ Brown

Thumbnail Image 1

People's Choice

Rocking Horse by Russ Brown

Brian and Jon

Judges Brian and Jon from AcenTek

Thanks to AcenTek for sponsoring the Hobby / Shop Creations Contest from it’s start in 2012.

2014 Hobby/Shop Creations

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