2019 Exhibitor Regulations

1. Exhibit Fees: Single indoor space $85. Tables $10 each. Rental fees must be paid before exhibitors set up. Exhibit halls will be available for set up from 8 to 4 pm on Monday, July 8, 2019. On Monday you will be able to drive up and park by the buildings to unload. Internet Service will be provided subject to a fee. The main office will help you with the activation code.

2. If you are from out of town and cannot set up on Monday, arrangments need to be made with Gordy Tangen at the time you send your payment for booth by April 15th.

3. Exhibit Halls are open starting Tuesday July 9th, each day from 11:00 am until 9:30 pm.

4. During the fair, NO PARKING is allowed around the Exhibit Halls.

5. No exhibitor shall sublet any part of its space without permission of the Fair Board.

6. Each exhibitor must show proof of adequate liablitiy insurance to cover the exhibit prior to set up. Please check with your insurance provider to be assured that you have the necessary coverage for this activity. Our provider requires this, send your proof of insurance together with your rental fee.

7. All exhibitors have the responsibility to refrain from any activity that would be distracting to other exhibitors, such as loud music, flashing lights, and excessive noise. Be a good neighbor!

8. Please keep your area picked up and clean. The Fair Board is making special efforts to RECYCLE, and you will find bins on the grounds. Please use them. CARDBOARD DOES NOT GO IN THE DUMPSTERS. Please bundle and get with a Fair Board member on disposal.

9. Please make every effort to keep your booth manned at all times. UNMANNED exhibits do not convey a good impression. Your customers will be looking for you!

10. Release time for exhibitors on Saturday night is 9:00 pm. No vehicles will be allowed on the grounds; the nearest you can get will be the main gate. Otherwise you can take down your exhibits on Sunday 8:30 am to 1:00 pm.


No Pets Allowed on Grounds

2019 Exhibitors

Exhibitor Information for 2019

If you would like to exhibit at the fair or have questions, contact

Gordy Tangen Phone: 563-380-2818

Rent payment and insurance copy should be sent by April 15 to

Winneshiek County Fair
Gordy Tangen
2202 County Rd. W42
Decorah, IA 52101


Past exhibitors are given the first chance to return to their spaces from last year. April15 is the deadline for past exhibitors to reserve their spaces. If we do not hear from you by April 15, your space will be open to new vendors. Rent must be paid and proof of liability must be provided before you set up. Booth cancellation received before June 15 will recive their rent back. Cancellation after June 15 will not recieve their rent back.


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