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2017 Contests

If you have questions about any of the 2017 contests, contact Contest Chair Becky Winkler. Click on the title of the contest for more information.

AcenTek Hobby/Shop Contest

Cheesecake Challenge              

MiEnergy Cooperative--Bread Contest

Cupcake Contest                      

Mini Cooks Contest

Gluten Free Dessert Contest    

Pulpit Rock Brewing Contest

Refurbished Window & Pallet Contest

Wildberry Winery Homemade Wine Contest

Junior Cooks Contest                

Salsa Contest

Lefse Contest

Winn. Med Center Hors D'oeuvres

2016 Contest Results

1. Marion Rovang-Rude
2. Sue Cote Grandma's

Homemade Bread
1. Colleen Bigler
2. Colleen Bigler
3. Marion Rovang-Rude

Healthy Snack Smoothie
1. Mary Lou Hackman

Repurposed Old Windows
1. Hailey Nierling
2. Trygve Lien Homemade

No contestants

Homemade Ice Cream Topping
1. Stacia Sexton
2. Steven Sexton

Mini Cooks
1. Bella Sailor/Ayslnn Arnold
2. Colten Elsbernd
3. Avery Humpal

Jr. Cooks
1. Anna Gonzalez
2. Steven Sexton

Cupcake Contest
1. Colleen Bigler
2. Marion Rovang-Rude
3. Denzel Decker

Chocolate Cheesecake
1. BreAnn Hemesath
2. Ellen Sexton

Fruit & Punch Cheesecake
1. Stacia Sexton
2. Beth Phillips

Gluten-free Desserts
1. Allanda Gehling
2. Beth Phillips
3. Katherine O'Neill

Pallet Challenge
1. Marlin Mowry (Planter)
2. Marlin Mowry (Chair)

2015 Results

4-H and FFA Results

AcenTek Hobby/Shop Creations Results

Skid Loader Rodeo Results

Ted Schrandt Mem. Open 3D Barrel Race: Men & Women Results

Pedal Power for Kids

Talent Search: Bill Riley Show Results

2015 Bake-off Results

Grandma's Homemade Bread Contest
1 Lynette Matter
2 Amy Schmitt
3 Diane Swenson

Apple Pie Contest
1 Marion Rovang-Rude
2 Lisa Lien
3 Wanda Ruebner

Healthy Snack Smoothie
1 Tammy Nordheim

Meal Replacement Smoothie
1 Daiton Tietz

Homemade Salsa Contest
1 Pat Bullerman
2 Wanda Askelson

Cookie Contest Except Chocolate Chip
1 Lucas Phillips
2 Sara Trimble

Chocolate Chip Cookie Contest
1 Luane Skaim Henzler
2 Sue Williams
3 Jared Phillips

Mini Cook Contest
1 Annika Becker
2 Ella Grouws
3 Grace Blikre

Junior Cook Contest
1 Steven Sexton
2 Emily Carolan
3 Maggie Kane

Cupcake Contest
1 Amy & Robert Shedinger
2 Marion Rovang-Rude
3 Stacia Sexton

Dessert Pizza Contest
1 Colleen Bigler
2 Crystal Long
3 Sue Perkins

Chocolate Cheesecake Contest
1 Beth Phillips
2 Michelle Einch

Fruit & Plain Cheesecake Contest
1 Colleen Bigler
2 Ellen Sexton

Glutenfree Desserts
1 Beth Phillips
2 Keri Bodensteiner
3 Beth Phillips

2015 Refurbished Windows

Refurbished window winners

    1. Emily Smith
    2. Jay Beard
    3. Tami Massman

2015 Pallet Challenge

Pallet Winners

    1. Hannah Sikkink
    2. Jane Wedo
    3. Breanna McClintock

2015 Hobby/Shop Contest


2015 Hobby/Shop Contest Results

2014 Muffins and Beards

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the opening of a hospital in Decorah, Winneshiek Medical Center sponsored a William Smith Beard Look-Alike contest and a Matilda Muffin contest in 2014.

Based on the portrait of William Smith, Dave Lenth of West Union was selected as the Beard contest winner.  The Matilda Muffin contest was won by Mary Lou Hackman with her Morning Glory Muffins.  The contest was judged both on the basis of the muffins and the presentation of the muffins while wearing 1914-period attire.


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