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2018 Contest Results

If you have questions about any of the contests, contact Contest Chair Becky Winkler.

Winners from previous years may be found here.

Homebrewed Beer

1st David Gibbs
2nd Brent Pepin & Kevin Jacobs
3rd Zach Clarke

Homemade Wine

1st & 2nd Laura Lee Lechtenberg
3rd Gary Smith

homemade wine

Grandma's Homemade Bread

1st Sue Cote



1st Morgan Thrailkill
2nd Nan Larson
3rd Julie Scheidel


Pallet Challenge 

1st & 2nd Marlin Mowry

Dog Show

Berry Pie

1st Wanda Rueber
2nd Mary Lou Hackman

Berry Pies

Anything Repurposed

1st Kayden Schnuelle
2nd Kade Meyer
3rd Karlee Bullerman


Simple Starters: Hors D'oeuvres

1st Joanie Sheahan
2nd Deb Eichenberger



1st Caylie Adam
2nd Charity Lechtenberg

Youth Starters

Mini Cooks

1st Lilly Sailor
2nd Autumn Wagner
3rd Alyslynn Arnold


Junior Cooks

1st Annaleissa Arnold
2nd Grace Blikra
3rd Kyla Phillips

jr cooks

Cheesecake Plain/Fruit

1st Marcia Nesvik
2nd Beth Phillips

Plain Cheesecake

Cheesecake Chocolate

1st Avery Humpal
2nd Shirley Vermace

chocolate cheesecake


1st & 3rd Bre Hemesath
2nd Katie O'Neill


Gluten-free Desserts

1st Allanda Gehling
2nd & 3rd Andy Shawver

Gluten-free Dessert

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