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Homemade Berry Pie/Sponsored by South Winn Veterinary Clinic Apple Pie Contest Congrats to our Berry Pie Contest Winner’s

1st: Wanda Rueber
2nd: Julie Scheidel
3rd: Marian Roving Rue

Thank you to South Winn Vet Clinic for sponsoring this contest! And judges Teresa Uhlenhake, South Winn Vet Clinic; Doug Van Sloten, Decorah Bank & Trust; Maureen Duncklee, Viking State Bank


MiEnergy Coop Apple Pie Contest  Apple Pie Contest

 Congrats to our Apple Pie Contest Winner’s

1st: Elaine Knutson
2nd: Sue Blom
3rd: Full Circle Services

Thanks to MiEnergy Coop for Sponsoring this contest! And judges Morgan Fechner, Decorah Bank & Trust; Lashelle Evans, Viking State Bank; Johanna Stayskal, MiEnergy .


Salsa Contest/Sponsored by Iowa dba  and Bushman Insurance

Cheesecake Contest/Sponsored by Winneshiek County Dairy Council & Promoters

Chocolate Chip Cookie Contest/Sponsored by MiEnergy Cooperative Chocolate Cookie Contest Winners

Congrats to our Chocolate Chip Cookie Contest Winner’s:
1st: Elaine Knutson
2nd: Gracelyn Torgerson
3rd: Jordan Sims
Thank you to MiEnergy Coop for sponsoring this event! And judges Marc Mikkelson, MiEnergy; Linnea Rahlf, Decorah Bank; and Clarence Winkler, Nutrient.

Mini Cooks Contest 2022: Appetizers! For children ages 5-10 Sponsored by Winneshiek County Public Health Nursing Service 

Congrats to our Mini Cooks (Appetizers)
1st: Paige Wagner
2nd: Trevor McKean
3rd: Balke Bosheim
Thanks to Winneshiek County Public Health for sponsoring this contest! And to judges Stacy Miller, Jada Yadenbrink, and Lois Sacquitne.


Junior Cooks Contest 2022: Appetizers! For ages 11-16 Sponsored by Winneshiek County Public Health Nursing Service  

Mini Cooks Contest

Congrats to our Junior Cooks (Appetizers)
1st: Kaara Short
2nd: Harper Novak
3rd: Autumn Wagner
Thanks to Winneshiek County Public Health for sponsoring this contest! And to   judges Karin Martin Hiner, Pat Radeshak and Lois Frana.

2021 Competition Results at the Winneshiek County Fair 

If you have questions about any of the contests, contact Contest Chair Becky Winkler.

Homemade Apple Pie

Sponsored by MiEnergy.
Judged by Kolton Werges - 4-H County Council,  Alex Zeibohmer - 4-H County Council,  Johanna Stayskal - MiEnergy


1st. Jan Pfiffner
2nd. Marian Rovang-Rude
3rd. Marian Rovang-Rude

Terrarium Building

Mini-Cooks: Pizza! Pizza!

Sponsored by Winneshiek County Public Health Nursing Service

Pictured: Contest judge Cheryl McConnell, RN; Sean Snyder; Shana Breasure; and Nancy Sacquitne, RN.

Winners: Paige Wagner, 3rd; Claire Elsbernd, 2nd. and  

Junior Cooks: Pizza! Pizza! 

Sponsored by Winneshiek County Public Health Nursing Service

Gluten-free Desserts

Sponsored by Letterwerks.
Judged by Meretta Petersen, Sasha Petersen, and Kayla Petersen

1st. Erika Kraabel
2nd. Kara Crain
3rd. Karla Lechtenberg

Homemade Salsa

Sponsored by Community Insurance of Iowa dba Bushman Insurance
Judged by Jordan Poshusta, Sherry Poshusta, and Kerbie Dahlen

1st. Julie Scheidel
2nd. Abbie Leitzahl
3rd. Gracelyn Torgerson 

Homemade Berry Pie

Sponsored by South Winn Vet Clinic
Judged by Amanda Elston, Linda Boland, and Jeff Suess

1st. Wanda Rueber
2nd. Marian Rovang-Rude
3rd. Julie Scheidel

Homemade Cheesecake

Sponsored by Winneshiek County Dairy Promoters
Judged by Marty Wiernuse, Ashley Elsbernd, Blake Courtney, and Emily Carolan

1st. Wanda Rueber
2nd. Ellen Sexton
1st. Sam Schillinger
2nd. BreAnn Hemesath 

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sponsored by MiEnergy Coop
Judged by Melissa Wicklund - 4-H Youth Development Comm., Rachel Burras - KVIK, Meagan Moellers - MiEnergy

1st. Vivian Searcy
2nd. Kathy Buzza
3rd. Caylie Adam 


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