Ted Schrandt Memorial 4D Barrel Races

2022 Winners 

1D Division
1st - Matt Kock - Olin, IA
2nd - Stacy Kraabel - Cashton, WI
3rd - Ashley Rosonke - New Hampton, IA 

2D Division
1st - Amber Peterson - Lansboro, MN
2nd - Hailey Happerly - Northwood, IA riding "Burner" 

3D Division
1st - Hailey Happerly - Northwood, IA riding "M & M"
2nd - Morgan Alexander - La Farge, WI 

4D Division
1st - Lainee Peterson - Lanesboro, MN
2nd - Hailey Happerrly - Northwood, IA riding "JayJay"
3rd - Jo Dunvold - Ontario, WI
4th - Payton Davis - Lime Springs, IA 

Pee Wee Jackpot Barrel (8 & under)
1st - Tenley Carlson - Cashton, WI
2nd - Cannon Kraabel - Cashton, WI
3rd - TC Peterson - Lanesboro, MN
4th - Jasper Cina - Clermont, IA
5th - Larami Kraabel - Cashton, WI

2021 Winners

1D division: Becky Koch of Olin, 1st; Alesha Sveen of Whalan, MN, 2nd; Kendra Kennedy of Luana, 3rd.; and Lori Coyle of Rushford, MN, 4th.

2D division: Tami Mai of Elma,1st and 2nd; Haley Skektelon of New Hampton, 3rd; and Abby Gasfield of Preston, MN,4th.

3D division: Lisa Rakstad of Winona, MN, 1st; Stacy Kraabel of Cashton, WI, 2nd; LIndsey Hangartner of Postville, 3rd; and Tami Mai of Elma, 4th.

4D division: Morgan Alexander of LaFarge, WI, 1st; Kenlinn Byl of Boscobel, WI, 2nd; Amber Peterson of Lanesboro, MN, 3rd; and Morgan Alexander of LaFarge, WI, 4th.  

2019 Prize Winners

Held on July 13 with 33 entries.

1st- Cassy Byl, Boscobel, WI
2nd-Alesha Sveen, Whalen, MN
3rd.- Starr Nelson, Soldiers Grove, WI
4th- Taylor Rankin, Castalia, IA

1st- Morgan Franzen, Decorah, IA
2nd-Kasydi Meyer, West Union, IA
3rd- Natasha Berns, St. Olaf, IA




1st-Lisa Rakstad, Winona, MN
2nd-Jay Kraabel, Cashton, WI


1st.- Lorri Knight, Strawberry Point, IA
2nd.-Lorri Knight, Strawberry Point, IA
3rd- Carrie Kerstiens, Lancaster, WI
4th- Tracer Rankin, Castalia, IA


2016 Prize Winners

1st Amanda Carcoreen, Waterloo, IA
2nd Stacy Kraabel, Cashton, WI
3rd Jay Kraabel, Cashton, WI

1st Lon Coyle, Rushform, MN
2nd Datasna Dapp, Soldiers Grove, WI
3rd Riley Schmitt, Holland, IA
4th Riley Schmitt, Holland, IA


1st Casey Byl, Boscobel, WI
2nd Cassie Hasek, Elma, IA
3rd Kaitlyn Otteson, Decorah, IA
4th Sophia Sander, Steuben, WI

1st Destinee Welsh, Viroqua, WI
2nd Kara Cina, Viroqua, WI
3rd Natasha Bern, St. Olaf, IA
4th Madi Fanmen, Elma, IA

2015 Prizes

1D--fastest time
1st Matt Koch, Olin, IA
2nd Kendra Karr, Luana, IA
3rd Casey Byh, Boscobel, WI
4th Carrie Keishene, Lancaster, WI

2D--1 second off fastest time
1st Lisa Ellinghuyse, Winona, MN
2nd Becky Koch, Olin, IA
3rd Tami Mai, Elma, IA
4th Hunter Radloff, Postville, IA

3D--2 seconds off fastest time
1st Riley Hanson, Holland, IA
2nd Tiffany Riehm, Waukon, IA
3rd Morgan Kattermann, Wilton, WI
4th Lori Knight, Strawberry Point, IA


2014 Winners

1st place --Tami Mai, Elma, IA

2nd place --Dendra Kerr, Luana, IA

3rd place --Nora Hestchre


1st place --Lisa Ellinghuyse, Winona, MN

2nd place --Taylor Wennes, New Hampton, IA

3rd place --Shianne Throndson, Elma, IA


1st place --Kara Sanders, Cresco, IA

2nd place --Brooke Lehnherr, Rice Lake, WI

3rd place --Tiffany Riehm, Waukon, IA


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1st place winners in each class received a saddle pad with "Ted Schrandt Memorial Open 3D Barrel Race" hand-tooled in the corner from the Schrandt Family

Edna and Ted Schrandt

Edna and Ted Schrandt